Sand Snakes

Sand snakes

The Sand Snakes are the bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell by various women the name alluding to their father’s nickname, “the Red Viper”, and to their surname Sand, given to bastards in Dorne. Some daughters of his were born of septas, others of noble women and others still of prostitutes. Despite the variances in their birthmothers and appearances, they are all said to have their father’s eyes.
The oldest Sand Snakes are companions and confidantes of their cousin, Princess Arianne. The youngest four are Oberyn’s daughters by his paramour, Ellaria Sand.

Eight sand snakes, in order of age:
Obara Sand. Daughter of a whore of Oldtown, and given to martial pursuits as she considers herself a warrior, wielding a spear and whip. She is a sturdily built woman of swarthy coloring and no particular beauty.
Nymeria Sand. Called ‘Lady Nym’, her mother was a noblewoman from Old Volantis. Nymeria is elegant, refined, and beautiful with dark eyes and silky black hair worn in a braid bound with copper wires.
Tyene Sand. Daughter of a septa. Tyene is closest of all the Sand Snakes to her cousin Arianne. She is known to have skills in herbcraft and poison, and is regarded as treacherous, while maintaining a sweet and pious persona. She is fair, blue-eyed and blonde.
Sarella Sand. Daughter of a trader from the Summer Isles. She is referred to as playing a „game“ in Oldtown.
Elia Sand, called ‘Lady Lance’. Daughter of Oberyn’s paramour Ellaria Sand and grandaughter of Lord Harmen Uller. She appears to have been named after Princess Elia. She’s fond of horses and jousting.[1]
Obella Sand. Daughter of Ellaria Sand and grandaughter of Lord Harmen Uller.
Dorea Sand. Daughter of Ellaria Sand and grandaughter of Lord Harmen Uller.
Loreza Sand. Daughter of Ellaria Sand and gradaughter of Lord Harmen Uller.


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